Employment Rate in the 2nd Quarter After Exit

34 CFR §361.155(a)(1)(i)

The percentage of participants in unsubsidized employment during the second quarter after exit from the program.

Exit Quarter: Participant Exit's the VR Program & is included in the Performance Indicators. Second Quarter After Exit: VR agency must verify participant's employment for this quarter/timeframe. Third Quarter After Exit: Lag Quarter for accessing UI Data. Fourth Quarter After Exit: Second Quarter After Exit Reporting Due.



  • Competitive Integrated Employment (CIE) is unsubsidized employment.
  • Due to a two-quarter lag in unemployment insurance (UI) wage data, information for this indicator is reported in the fourth quarter after exit.
  • Participants with both successful and unsuccessful outcomes are included in this indicator, unless they are excluded from the agency’s performance.
  • When reporting wages verified through other methods than UI wage data (including SWIS), the VR agency must implement supplemental wage policies.