A. Quality Program and Performance Management

  1. WIOA Performance Accountability System
    1. WIOA Performance Indicators
    2. WIOA Annual Reports and Performance Calculations
    3. Other measures that Matter
    4. WIOA Guidance and Technical Assistance Resources
  2. VR Program Administration and Management
  3. Quality Assurance and Program Evaluation
  4. Laws, Regulations, and RSA Policies
    1. TAC-22-01: RSA Approval of State Rules
  5. Frequently Asked Questions
  6. Resources and Promising Practices
    1. Pandemic Impact Survey Results
    2. Long Covid
    3. Strategies for Managing Large Caseloads
    4. VR Acronyms
    5. WIOA State Plan Search Tool

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B. Quality Fiscal and Resource Management

  1. VR Program Fiscal Management
  2. Quality Assurance and Program Evaluation
  3. Laws, Regulations, and RSA Policies
  4. Frequently Asked Questions
  5. Resources and Promising Practices

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C. General Quality Management of Organizations

  1. Quality Management of Organizations
  2. Managing Organizations by Distance
  3. Leadership of Organizations

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