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This page provides quick access to the recordings and handout materials from VRTAC-QM at the CSAVR Spring 2023.

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Pre-Conference: Embracing the Possibilities: Creating a Culture for Customer-centric Spending for Field Staff

Pre-Conference 04/04/23: Establishment Projects/Construction Expenditures Recording

Pre-Conference 04/05/23: Third-party Cooperative Arrangements Recording

Pre-Conference 04/06/23: RSA 17 Recording

Session 01 Welcome and Introductions Recording

Session 02 Period of Performance Recording

Session 03 Taking the Mystery out of Match and Making Match Work for You (Part 1) Recording

Session 04 Taking the Mystery Out of Match and Making Match Work for You (Part 2) Recording

Session 05 Effective Expenditure of Funds Recording

Session 06 Effective Expenditure of Funds - VR Panels Recording

Session 07 Rate Setting Guide and Methodologies Recording

Session 08 Contracts and Contract Monitoring / Innovative Partnerships and Systems Recording

Session 09 Successful Strategies for Working within Your State Structure Recording

Session 10 Fiscal Forecasting Recording

Session 11 Spending Strategy: Strategic Thinking for Expansion of Program Expenditures Recording