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DOL and DOE have announced a WIOA State Plan Search Tool is now available. This search tool is intended for use by the public workforce development system, the public, and stakeholders to search for topics of interest addressed in the WIOA Combined or Unified State Plans. The search tool provides a resource for identifying new ideas and promising practices. The State Plan portal and its search tools present our partners with the enhanced capability to fully access, research, and take advantage of these important documents.

VR Acronyms
Ever wonder how many acronyms there are in the field of VR? Well we did! The VRTAC-QM has compiled a list of all of the acronyms used in the field of vocational rehabilitation to help all of us, especially the newbies, speak the language. The list shows 264 VR acronyms. Yes, 264!

Strategies for Managing Large Caseloads!
The ability to effectively manage large caseloads has been a challenge for many rehabilitation counselors. The VRTAC-QM conducted a literature review of effective caseload management strategies and has summarized the findings from this review. Click here to read the summary and obtain the full list of articles and research.