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General – Inclusive of multiple topics

This list of blogs or podcasts provides introductions to a variety of topics.

Leadership Freak
Short and informative, get your fix on leadership inspiration with these empowering tips easy to read, share and repeat like a mantra if you'd like to at 300 words or less per post.

The Ken Blanchard Companies Blog: Blanchard Leaderchat
This collection of advice columns for leadership and management issues speaks to many areas of interest and instruction for management-level professionals, including topics such as building trust with your group while teleworking, ethical considerations such as including pronouns in your email signature, and others.

Others for you to discover
Find a list of 100 leadership blogs, websites, and other internet-based collections to help build your leadership acumen and skills.

TED Business by TED Talks
Every Monday, TED Business a new compilation of TED Talks under a business-related theme, including coping with stress, leading in a crisis, confronting racial bias, and other topics. The podcast is hosted by Modupe Akinola of Columbia Business School, who provides a lesson after discussing how to apply the theme to your own business needs.

The Femails by Career Contessa
Women leaders talk about issues in business and career through a female-focused lens. Topics include managing and working remotely, running online meetings, burnout, and other topics.

Dare to Lead with Brené Brown
Popular researcher, writer, and speaker Brené Brown leads conversations with leaders, risk-takers, and visionaries about their leadership styles, history, and guidance for you.

The Leadership Antidote Podcast
Dr. Kim Hires hosts conversations on shaking up old leadership principles and bringing in the new to match updated leadership skills in current times.

HBR IdeaCast by the Harvard Business Review
The Harvard Business Review brings this weekly podcast with managers, business strategists, and luminaries on conversations and research about management and issues that affect today's managers and their teams.

Others for you to discover to fit your needs
Find a list of 50 leadership-related podcasts to meeting your listening wants and needs toward building your leadership skills and finding inspiration for yourself and your team.

Other Resources

Coffee With The Greats
What does it mean to be great, and how do we get there? Join host Miles Fisher as he sits down with some of the most accomplished and notable people to unpack and understand this age-old question.

Q&A: Leadership and Integrity in the Digital Age
Expert, practical advice on leadership, ethics and communication from Jill Geisler, the Bill Plante Chair in Leadership and Media Integrity at Loyola University Chicago.

Leadership and Loyalty
What podcast do the top Fortune 500 executives listen to? This one! Dov Baron and his world-class guests share their heroic journeys from devastation to purpose.

Growth Think Tank
Develop leadership skills and understand leadership development from expert interviews with transformational leaders. Leaders in the trenches gives raw discussions that dive deep into new strategies to accelerate your company growth and your leadership abilities.

Women's Leadership Success
In this one of a kind women's leadership podcast you will get actionable advice, tips and hear stories from over 100 top female (and men) thought leaders to help you be a better leader.

Harvard Business Review has various email newsletters to stay connected and get the best ideas in management. This includes things like a management tip of the day, must-reads on Leadership, Women at Work, and a weekly newsletter to help young professionals find their place in the working world and realize their personal and career goals. Find a sign-up link here.

Under the "Resources" and "Learning" headings you'll find at SHRM, you'll find pages of training and other resources toward the site's mission of building better workplaces. Resources include employee handbooks, HR forms, topics on employee relations and diversity and inclusion, and numerous other items.

Calling itself "The Knowledge Network for Government," this website ( provides free resources and training for those with a career in government looking to innovate and problem-solve, including courses on tech and management, live training and events, career-advancement tools, a blog, and a daily newsletter.

Pagefreezer Blog Post: 11 Online Tools
This collection lists 11 tools and resources for social media managers, explicitly tailored to those working in the public sector. The list can be found here.