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To be considered for the training program please complete the application form in its entirety. This training opportunity is at no cost to participants and is being offered by the VRTAC-QM in partnership with Management Concepts. Please ensure that as an applicant you are able to dedicate the needed time to complete the training as outlined in the program description.

Items with an asterisk (*) are required to submit the application.

Do you intend to complete the certificate program?:*
Do you have management support to complete this certificate/training process as required?:*
Do your duties include managing aspects of the VR grant within your agency?:*

Please include contact information for your direct supervisor to verify their support for your participation in this training. Verification of support will be obtained to ensure dedication and participation to the program

Technology adequate to participate in online course:*
Access to the Internet and the learning platform:*
Time to complete the online courses:*