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The following courses will fulfill the elective requirement for the VR Grants Management Certificate. Participants may choose one course from the following list that will apply to the four-course certificate requirement. When you click on the course you will be taken directly to the Management Concepts website where you will see a detailed description of the course. The VRTAC-QM will pay for the cost of the elective as well as the three other courses required for the certificate. Once you apply for the certificate program, you will be contacted by your Course Scheduler to discuss which of the elective courses you have chosen and to identify the dates you wish to take the course.

Participants may choose to take other courses available from Management Concepts but the cost for courses outside of the VR Grants Management Certificate will need to be paid for by the recipient directly to Management Concepts.

Elective Courses

Grants Domain
Leadership and Management Domain
Project/Program Management