Neil McNeil, M.A.
Senior Policy and Program Specialist

Neil is a senior policy and program specialist at the Institute for Community Inclusion (ICI). He has developed and led two peer technical assistance groups for New England VR agencies, one for business development managers and one for community rehabilitation providers, both focusing on job development systems change that enhances VR performance. He also has facilitated innovative job-driven partnerships between businesses and VR agencies, as well as business development interventions. Neil has provided technical assistance to VR agencies in multiple states to help those agencies strengthen their systems of VR counselor supervision and improve their business engagement systems. Prior to joining the ICI, he spent his professional career at the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC), where he was a VR counselor, supervisor, area office director and regional director. Neil has led and participated in a large number of task forces and initiatives within and outside the MRC, focusing on policy development, service system improvements, and staff.

Expertise: VR Field Office Operations, Leading Change, Process and Service Innovations, Systems Thinking and Organizational Learning, Building Collaborative Partnerships, Business Engagement/Relations

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