A Systems Approach to Serving Individuals with Significant Disabilities

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Get insights into the ways the VR service delivery system can utilize customized and supported employment services along with Integrated Resources Teams to more effectively provide services for people with disabilities.

Learning Objectives:

  • Overview on utilizing a systems approach to Customized Employment, Supported Employment, and Integrated Resource Teams to improve service provision to individuals with significant and most significant disabilities.
  • Review of systems thinking and design as a management approach that VR leadership can utilize to promote cross-agency collaboration to optimize limited resources.
  • Offer a holistic, deliberate approach to examine how inter-related public and social systems work in concert to increase employment outcomes for individuals with significant and most significant disabilities.
  • Ways to develop partnerships with State VR agencies, community partners, and other core partners in the Workforce Development System.
  • Methods to foster a shared understanding of each agency’s role in an employment outcome Strategies for creating a “road map” for leadership in agencies to manage change and support cross-agency services alignment
  • Systematic approaches to sequencing services across partner agencies.
  • Resources and tools will be provided.

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